Another Fall Fun Post

So I was cleaning off my camera and found some pictures that I took while cleaning up the leaves in our yard.  I figured I better post these before I do Christmas.

They did actually help with the yard but those pictures were not quite as cute as all the others.

These are some of the last pictures that we took with Angel before we found her a new home.  (and yes I do miss her at times)  We decided that she needed a family that had a fenced yard where she could run if she wanted to.  She also needs someone that will run or walk her every day.  We have some great friends that found her a home with a family that the mom is a runner and runs with her several miles every morning most days of the week.  We know she is happy and in a great home. As far as Mikaelyn, she is sad but is also happy that Angel is in a good home.  She is already trying to figure out what her next pet will be:)


  1. Cute pics!

    I'm SO glad things worked out with Angel! I think my Grandmother is a little sad she couldn't keep her :-)


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