Halloween 2009

We had a blast all day on Saturday!  The day started with a trip back to the farm Tucker and I visited the day before.  This place was amazing!

Kade found his amusement by pestering a turkey and the turkey almost got him.

Tucker loved feeding the goats.  Mikaelyn was in love with the bunnies.  She was really wishing she could have one.

The farm also had this gigantic slide that the kids loved!!!  I think they all went about 50 times each.

We also went through a 5 acre corn maze which was lots of fun but never-ending.  Then when we went on a hay ride and picked some pumpkins.

After the farm, we went home and got ready for K's first playoof football game.  He played awesome!  He even got a touchdown.
Then it was back home for pizza and then trick or treating!  The kids were so excited to get dressed up and go.  K went with some buddies this year so I do not have a picture of him.

T loved going to the door and saying trick or treat.  He would then get about half way down the driveway and then yell THANK YOU back to the house because he forgot at the door.


  1. My kids had SO much fun on Halloween. So did I! Thanks for spending the day with us!!


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