Happy Way Belated 4th Birthday T!!!

Alright, so I think that part of the reason I have not blogged lately is the fact that I feel horribly guilty for never posting a birthday post for T. So better late than never!
T you are 4 years old and the youngest for the time being. I never have to worry about you feeling left out, your personality makes sure that everyone knows you are here. You are a ball of fire and I love every minute of it.

You are very eager to learn and you are always striving to be like your older brother Ry. (sometimes I think just to annoy him) You and Ry are constantly in a "anything you can do, I can do better" battle. You are never to be far behind.

"Marching to beat the beat of your own drum" seems to be a phrase I use to describe you quite often. Never do you get in a hurry for anything, no matter how hard I try. And you pretty much expect people to just wait for you to catch up. You love to be at home which is so different than me and your siblings. Many times while we are out, you will ask "Can we just go home?"

You are all boy and love to wrestle and tackle anyone that will play rough with you. You also have a heart of gold. You feel horrible anytime you accidentally someone or someone's feelings.

You love all your little cousins and any baby's that happen to be around. You tend to be a mother hen when little ones are around. (which is going to be so cute when your new little sibling comes along) You also know how to work your oldest cousin Bean to your advantage. The 2 of you play very well together, but she loves to play house and you love to play dinosaurs or Star Wars. So the other day when you wanted to play dinosaurs and Bean did not, you quickly suggested, "But you can be a princess dinosaur." Making all things better.

Happy late birthday, sweetie! We would not know what to do without you! You brighten our days!


  1. That guilt was my entire summer! No worries though, better late than never. I still have to post Hannah's birthday pics!

    Happy Birthday Tucker!!


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