Personality Blending

It is always amazing to me how each of my children have their own unique personalities blended from both mom and dad and their Heavenly Father.

Ry, I could never teach. He does not learn well with me. As sweet and adorable as he is, he is a strong type A personality. He wants everything to be perfect and if he can't do something right on the first try, well he just doesn't want to do it. At least for me!!! I have been trying all summer to get him to swim and he just refused every single time. Today, he goes over to meme's house to swim and about 30 minutes after he jumps in, I get a phone call telling me that he is swimming on his own. WHAT???? Why wouldn't he do that for me? He was so proud and excited to tell me all about it though! Rylan is a pleaser.

T, on the other hand, is a self learner. He watches, observes, and then just does. He also seems to grasp the fact that practice makes perfect. He has been swimming for at least a week or two now and well, he pretty much taught himself. He is a go getter.

K is a lot like Ry and approaches things with timidity and perfectionism. He wants to do everything correct the first time and doesn't like to have to try again. He won't ask a lot of questions if he doesn't know how to do something. He will figure it out though by observing but he doesn't usually try it until he knows he can do it.

Mik on the other hand is like T, she sees what she wants and then practices until she gets there. It doesn't really matter how many times she messes up before she gets there. She seems to not put a whole lot of thought into something brfore she tries it. If it seems like it might work, she just tries. Why not?

I love watching each of my kids grow and learn in their own unique way. I can't wait to see what God is going to do with their personalities and traits. I know that He has big plans for each of them and I am patiently waiting to see how He uses their uniqueness.
So now for the fun part:
For each of you that nows my husband and I, just curious to see what traits you see in Josh and I. I think it will be fun to spark a little discussion.


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