First Monday After Camp

So I am sitting here on my couch the first Monday since camp is over trying to figure out what to do. Trust me, it is not for the lack of things to do but the lack of motivation.

Camp was amazingly awesome. We got to see God work in so many people's lifes it was inspiring. The counselors that worked with camp this summer were each put into the exact positions that they held. They truly loved camp and the kids that they worked with day in and day out. I think that most of them would say the their hearts were changed throughout camp and that they learned a lot about themselves throughout the process. The campers themselves were amazing. God's vision of using camp as a way of building bridges into the community was definitely played out this year. We had many families that attended camp that did not belong to Grace and we were able to build relationships with all of these families and most of them, told us on the last day that they would definitely be back next year. Camp created a safe, healthy envirionment that parent's could feel incredibly comfortable bringing their children. They knew that the kids were having a great time, building new relationships and taking one step further in their development. It was encouraging to hear parent's say over and over again, that they felt blessed to be able to leave their kids with us. It helped them to have worry free day. My own kids love camp and everything about it. With all that being said, I am welcoming my week of recooperation.

So the things that got left behind during camp:

1. My house
2. My laundry
3. day to day snuggling and playing with the kids
4. Our new ministry of working with LC leaders and young adults
5. Back to school shopping (Ry starts this year)
6. Friends
7. Family

I am sure this list does not include them all but these are what is weighing on me, now. So as for things slowing down, I don't think it ever does. This week and the next 3 weeks, my hopes are to take care of the basics but to spend the majority of my time with my kids, family and friends enjoying every last second of the summer with a few work days in between to wrap up camp and to get started on the new and exciting things we are doing. I better quit typing now so I can clean and do a little laundry because my kids are looking forward to the pool later today.


  1. hi michelle!
    how fun to see this update in my reader today! i was thinking of you over the weekend, wondering if camp was over, how your mother was doing.

    enjoy your week of slowing down and spending time with family and friends!!


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