Boys will be Boys

So, the last few months have been totally consumed with camp. The kids and I are absolutely loving it but are completely overwhelmed with busyness. I thought this was blogworthy though.

Ry has really enjoyed hanging out with other boys his age and a little older. One of the little boys in his group has taught Ry the art of making farting noises with his armpit and boy is he excited. Everywhere we go, he is practicing this new art. Wait, it gets better, the other night I get upstairs and Ry is helping T place his arm correctly in his armpit so that he too can do this. Granted, T didn't figure it out yet. Ry sweetly informs him, "It's OK T, you will get it when you get older."

Ry can't wait until K gets home so that he can show him his new trick.


  1. HAHAHAHA!! I'm sure it's only a matter of time before Ry teaches Christopher :)

  2. Oy...then Christopher teaches Ella, then Ella teaches Lexi and Hannah...and on to the younger genration...I guess when people talk about how "legacies" are carried on it's not always deep, meaningful things, sometimes, it's armpit farts ;-)


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