This Average Monday

7:00 Wake up to one of the boys crawling in bed with me.
This morning, it was T asking if he could play Wii. I said no, we were going to his Uncle's house and he told me he was mad at me.

7:15 Crawl out of bed and Wake Mik up

7:30 Eat breakfast and Snuggle with the boys for a bit (skipped the snuggling this morning)

8:00 Send Mik off to school and start the laundry

8:30 Get dressed and give the boys their clothes to get dressed

9:00 Send the boys with their Uncle, switch out the laundry

9:15 Head towards my mom and dad's to water their plants and borrow their vacuum ( seeing as mine has decided to quit working)

9:45 Drop the vacuum at my house and switch out the laundry

10:15 Deliver some display stuff to a lady buying it from me (SHE WASN'T THERE)

10:25 Drop ebay packages off at the post office

10:30 Head to my brothers

11:00 Play with 4 adorable children and eat a fabulous lunch prepared by my brother

12:45 Head to my house to drop off the dog and then off to the dentist to get Ry's first cavity filled

1:30 Arrive at the dentist - I am a nervous wreck, Ry has no clue, he did great and never knew what hit him

2:40 Run home and change out the laudry and drop off the boys for K to babysit while I run back to deliver the stuff from before

2:50 Deliver stuff and run to Safeway

3:20 My phone rings 4 times while I am in Safeway because my 2 big kids can't get along!

3:50 Go to get gas and realize I was getting a 70 cent a gallon discount so I filled up for $1.69 a gallon BEST SURPRISE OF THE DAY!

4:15 Get home and switch out the laundry and unload the groceries and made frozen yogurt pops for dessert after dinner

4:50 Take K to baseball

5:15 Take Mik to swimming and let the boys swim for a few minutes

6:30 Get home and make grilled cheese and tomato soup for dinner

6:45 Eat

7:15 Finish laudry

7:45 Vacuum the main floor

8:00 Put clothes up while Mik is giving the boys a bath

8:15 Read to the boys and put them to bed

8:30 Tuck Mik in bed

8:45 Put my pajamas on and sit down with my husband's laptop to type this

WOW!!! No wonder I am tired tonight! Here's to hoping tomorrow is just as productive.


  1. 1. I can not IMAGINE wanting to vacuum so badly that I'd drive to someone's house to borrow a vacuum.

    2. When we were kids my mom always had to get a babysitter for the five of us. Even when I was old enough to babysit other people's kids. My brother and I fought so much she couldn't trust us with the little ones.

    You're a ROCK STAR Michelle!

  2. Yeah, I second the rock star comment. My Mondays are no where near that productive


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