Quick Update

My last blog sparked quite the conversation which was fun and interesting. I loved all the comments. Overall, I am pretty confident that whatever I do wrong, God will eventually correct. He is pretty awesome like that.

As far as kid updates, well K still has a girlfriend but really only sees her at school and the texting and phone conversations afterwards. K is doing well in baseball and can not wait for football to start. I have to say I am excited about it also.

Mik, well the earrings have not been an issue nor the other stuff really. I notice everyday she is growing up but it is all a part of the game. She is playing tennis and like it but doesn't love it. She wants to take tumbling again which we will start in the fall as soon as camp is over.

Ry is doing great in baseball. In fact, baseball is all the child wants to do. I think his glove is permenantly attached. We are working on the idea of school next year. He is starting to meet other kids that he will be going to school with, which I think helps.

T is as anry as ever. He seems to continually be mad at me and is rather bold about voicing it. He does not like when I tell him, "no." He loves to color and is really good at it. Also, anything that Ry does, he loves. Big brother is his hero.

We went camping over memorial day weekend and I will post some pictures soon. We had a blast as usual. Fabulous and relaxing weekend.

Camp is quickly approaching and I am getting really excited. We have an incredible staff and lots of campers and more sigining up each day. I am excited to see what God will do this year. Also, we have had some family visit and will have many more family and friends visiting within the next few months. We have enjoyed the visits we've had and are thoroughly looking forward to the ones to come.


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