What to do with T???

So last week, I went to my morning bible study at church like I do every week. We were running a little late or right on time and by the time I got T to class or to Uncle Shaun, I should say, I was really late.

T was happily walking into the church and then into his classroom when all the sudden he got to the door and halted....thus the temper tantrum starts. So I try the whole drop and dash which normally works miraculously except this time he was overpowering the poor young helper by opening the door. Thus I take him with me and we have a talk.

Then try again.....except this time he bolts! right out the door and all the way to the other end of the church(we don't have a small church either) So here ensues the dilemma......

I know I can't let him get away with it but yet I can't stop laughing and I can't let him see me laughing. It was one of those moments you either laugh or cry!!! I chose laugh but thankfully it was hard enough it looked like I was crying to him. The best part was that I could not catch him on my own, another lady had to grab him so that I could.

I was so entirely flustered at this point, and his Uncle was there who can usually talk some sense into my child when I am utterly failing, so I took T to him and he let him read in his office so I could go to study. After about 30 minutes, he asked him to take him to class because he was bored. Uuuuggggghhhhh!!!!!!!!!!

Granted, I not sure why I am writing this except maybe for the sheer fact that had that happened with child number 1 or 2, I might not have reacted the same way. I have learned that 3 1/2 to 4 years of age is a phase and with it comes certain things (temper tantrums) that will pass. Just as I can not let him get away with everything, the heat of the temper tantrum is not the moment to deal with it. We talked after he calmed and he knew he should not have acted that way but at that age, sometimes kids just don't know how to control their emotions. He will learn and all and all he is a good kid. Just keep teaching, just keep loving, and most of all, just keep praying!


  1. This is really good to read for someone who has a child number one that is in that age range. :)


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