T and Putt Putt

So the kids have been on spring break this week and we have had a couple of beautiful days. We decided to go play putt putt one of the days and had loads of fun. I had more fun laughing with T than anything because, well just watch......

He hits the ball the first time and then basically never stops until he hits it in the hole and then looks up and grins every time saying, "Mom, I made it in the hole!"

I think we all had a great time once we realized there was going to be absolutely no structure at all to the game. It was as they say, "Just for fun." Which was against every competitive bone in the older kids.


  1. Too funny! No wonder the two little guys were all about wacking golf balls all over our yard. Cute!

  2. Haha! That's exactly how Christopher golfs :)


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