Baseball Season Begins

Both boys had baseball games last weekend and they were great! Except for the fact that the West Texas wind found us here in Maryland and it was freezing!!

This Ry's first your of coach pitch and he and K are both on Oriole's teams.

Ry got to choose his number and he picked 5 just like his daddy and Uncle Wade. He loves playing and is by far the littlest out there but also the most serious. (as you can see by the ready stance)
K is pitching this year and doing great. He also hit one all the way to the back fence in center field this day. I am really surprised this picture turned out because my hands were shaking so bad.There will definitely be more pics to come.

p.s. Don't faint because I am finally posting.


  1. Michelle, save all the boys t-shirts. This mom I know made the coolest quilt for her son. Each big block is the front of the old t-shirts. I love all the new pictures. ~julie


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