I Really Want to put a Brick on my Kid's Heads

I remember growing up and my mom and dad always saying they were going to put a brick on our heads so we would stop growing. I always that they were crazy but with 4 kids of my own, I understand all the reasons they said that.

We tell our kids this all the time and usually it is because we don't want them to grow up. In fact, Ry's 5th birthday is Sunday and I was telling him he had to stop growing just the other day. I said he was getting too big and would not be my little boy anymore. He informed me, "It is OK mom because even though I am turning 5, I still like my snuggles and I will still snuggle with my family." He melted my heart.

The other reason I usually tell my kids I am going to put a brick on their heads is when we go shopping at the change of seasons. We went out today just to look for new shoes for Ry since I realized he was wearing a size and a half too small. Also a few new spring clothes since he had some birthday money to spend. In the process, I decide to measure T's foot realizing his shoes were too small also. Therefore sending me into the whole thought process on each of the kids spring wardrobes. So here is the conclusion: LOTS OF SHOPPING IN THE NEAR FUTURE.

K - Well let's just say he has jumped a few sizes in the last year. Granted he has a few pairs a shorts that he got at the end of the summer last year that still fit. He still needs some new stuff that fits. But in the end he is a teenage boy and wears shorts and t-shirts everyday so he is easy.

Mik - Again, has grown a foot in a matter of no time. I think she might have 1 or 2 pairs of shorts that still fit. As we were trying clothes on today just to see what size she wears. I realized she has skipped a whole size. WHAT????

Ry - Changed a whole size in heigth since last year but not much in the waist so granted shorts still fit but need new shirts. Again he is easy though.

T - Yes T is growing but the great thing about having 2 boys so close together is that T has tons of hand me downs at his disposal.

In the end, it is really not that big of a deal but I totally understand the frustration of cleaning out closets, changing seasons, and shopping for new stuff that might fit. The worst part is having to get rid of clothes that barely were worn because either they grew too fast or they changed their mind (style) after buying the clothes. Another lesson learned, I don't go shopping for the kids without them with me. Even T has a real opinion about what he wears and if they do not like it, it is not worth the hassle of making them wear it. (in most cases)

In the end all these ramblings, boil down to the fact that when see all my children walking around with bricks on their heads, you will know it is not for balance or punishment but the shear fact, I am not ready for them to grow anymore.

P.S. Speaking of growing up, K went to his first dance tonight that he actually wanted to go to. NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO


  1. He went to a dance!? How'd that go?

    Dude, I totally just cleaned out both girls' closets and mine too and ugh. UGH. That's the worst chore ever.


    Can T wear R's old shoes?

  2. Some but Ry wears his shoes out. We also seem to be missing the sizes.

  3. The worst? When they change sizes mid-season and I have to buy an ENTIRE NEW WARDROBE! That happened TWICE to Hannah last winter.


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