Happy 5th Birthday Ry!!!

Yes I am a little late but my camera was at my mom's so that is my excuse.

Ry, my sweet dimpled baby boy, you are growing so fast. I found this picture today and oh it really takes me back.You were born with the biggest dimples in the world hence the reason daddy always ask you what those craters are in your face. You just giggle and laugh every time. You also have the bluest eyes and they seem to tell the whole world exactly how you are feeling.

You were born with all the athletic talent in the world (I might be biased). I also think you came out with a baseball in your hand. So this year is rather monumental in the fact that it is the first year you get to play coach pitch baseball. Your first practice was last night and I must say I wanted to cry a couple times. You were so cute out there, a head shorter than everyone else, but with more heart for game than most of the kids. There were a few times that you would look to me for comfort because you did not know any of the kids but all I had to do was give you the reassuring smile and nod and off you went. You are getting soooooo big.

I also had to go register you for school this last week, talk about emotional. The first day of kindergarten is really going to get me. You are sometimes a little shy but your dimples warm your way into everyone's heart.

You are very caring and have the biggest heart for your family and friends.

And even though you are very athletic, you love to sing, play the piano, and even act out plays with your sister. We have always said you will be singing the national anthem before you pitch the first inning of the World Series.This year we had your party at Chuck E Cheese which was quite the experience (NEVER AGAIN). You loved every minute of it though. Stars Wars has become yours and T's new fascination. So upon your request, you got a Yoda cake(or my meager attempt at one) and tons of Star Wars gifts.I am not so sure if you or T were more excited. I think he was just as excited about your birthday and you have been very gracious in sharing.Before we even decided where and when we were having your birthday, you were inviting your friends and telling them you were going to have 5 birthdays because you were turning 5. Well we didn't make it to 5 but we did have 2. Uncle Shaun, Aunt Jen and your cousin hosted a special little party that night before. You were quite pleased with the cake.



  1. I loved your pictures Ry! I hope you got your birthday money. I didn't know you were into Star Wars, maybe mom can take you shopping for some Star Wars toys with your birthday money. Love, Aunt Julie

  2. Happy Birthday Rylan! (I know, I know, I'm WAY late). The pictures are so great! He seriously gets cuter every day.


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