T and his words

T: I want to play wii.

Ry: I want to play wii.

T: Stop it

Ry: Stop it

T: Stop speaking at me!

Enter mom and dad: T, that wasn't very nice.

T: But Ry is speaking at me.

Mom and Dad: Well that is Ok, Ry can talk to you.

T: NO! He is speaking at me.

Mom and Dad: Is Ry repeating/copying you?

T: No, he is speaking at me! - (duh, I know what I am talking about - would you just listen?)

Summary. In the end, we figured out that Ry was copying what T was saying. (This is our new way to annoy each other) T was very clear that he knew what he was talking about and that mom and dad were just crazy for not getting it.


  1. Hahaha! Oh man, what a crazy duo they are.

    Super, SUPER cute pic of T!

  2. I remember one time right around Christopher's first birthday. He was sitting in his high chair trying to tell me something. He kept repeating his baby talk over and over and over and was getting really frustrated that he wasn't making sense.

    Finally he smacked both of his hands down on the tray, leaned forward and very slowly repeated his baby gibberish at me. Like I was so stupid that only speaking very slowly and very loudly was going to get his message across.


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