A New Year

I have spent lots of time this last week, getting caught up from vacation and preparing for a new year. While doing that, I have realized many things.

I don't ever make new year's resolutions because I know that I will break them(darn that sin nature) but I do like to take the time to be grateful for the previous year and to make plans for the new year.

So here it is:

I am yet to be amazed at God's plans for my life and my family's lives. He has blessed us so much in that past year. I don't always see how much until I look at the big picture(a year in review).

1. Budget - a year in review - major progress in becoming debt free and beginning a savings plan - Thank God every day for what He has done so far. Tithe. Save. Achieve the plan that we made 2 years ago with our finances. With this means, a little more discipline in some areas.

2. Family and Friends(We are all brothers and sisters in Christ.) - a year in review - I am grateful for family that loves and supports each other through everything. I am also grateful for a family that loves God.
plan- Keep on loving.

3. Myself - a year in review- I am grateful for the time I spent with the Lord but at the same disappointed at the times I was not so close. I am grateful for the plans that God revealed to me.
plan - Spend more time studying God's word. Listen close to God's plan and then follow it (no matter how Crazy). Be patient and full of grace with my husband and kids. I want them to see God's light in me, not the crazy, frazzled woman that I feel like most of the time.


  1. You never seem frazzled to me and I'm always so amazed since I get easily frazzled and you have THREE more kids than I do! You do seem to exude peace that only God can give so if your plan is to lean into Him more, things can only get better. Thanks for being an example of a mom who is seeking God!

  2. I second Corinne's comment. You are the calmest, most peaceful mom I know... and that even includes when you're venting! I don't know how you do it but I want the secret!!


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