An Update

I know that it has been a good while since I posted and I am sorry!!! So what have we been up to:

1. Football is over and K is now trying out for a couple of different travel baseball teams. This really should have been done back in August but who knew! We have found a couple of teams that have openings and K is still currently in the running for one of them. Please pray that his tryouts go well. I know that he would love to play travel. Also, now that football is over, he is becoming more involved in the church programs again. He is in there somewhere!!!
2. Mik is doing well. Enjoying school chorus, taking a break from piano for until we get back from Texas, and enjoying her every other Wednesday night program at church. She also tried out for the children's chorus in Joseph and the Technicolor Dreamcoat at on of the high School's. We will find out if she made it by Thursday. She is still a social butterfly as usual.
Mik and a good friend on a field trip.

3. Ry is growing up way too fast. It is hard to believe he will start school in 7 months or so. He loves to color and will spend hours doing so and it has to be absolutely perfect. (Very A type personality like his daddy) He loves to learn and is always asking to do school with either me or Mik. He also loves to play with his friends of all ages. He will also play baseball in the spring. Oh, and he loves to have his picture taken.
4. T is well you know T. I think that is the best way to describe him. He is as cute as ever but yes just as ornery as ever too. He loves to irritate and get under his brother's skin. He also loves to do excatly what his brother does. So learning and coloring have been a big hit lately also. Although the attention span is much shorter. His coloring has gotten much better because he copies his older bro. He also really loves to pray as do all my kids. This is his prayer lately,
"Thank you God. I love you and you love me. I really want to play with you but you just want to stay up there and that is fine." Who knows where he comes up with this stuff.

Concentrating very hard!!!
5. Josh has been very busy with work but loving it. He is doing incredible and this new job as was old one has been a true blessing. He spends lots of time snuggling, wrestling, playing baseball or football with all the kids when he is home.

6. I have been extremely busy with lia sophia for the holidays. It is also the time for us to get brochures out for next year's camp so that has kept me busy with meetings, etc... I am also very excited about going to Texas for Christmas and trying to work out all the details. 7 more days!!!


  1. Great update Michelle! I can't believe you do all you do with 4 kids and always seem so calm! At the risk of sounding cheesy-you're an inspiration!

  2. Nice update! Kind of reads like a Christmas letter. Don't write one, just put your blog address in your Christmas cards!

    Love you!!


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