Turtle Chex Mix Bars

So I won Jen's giveaway last week and I received my very scrumptious package today and let me just say "YUMMY" The Turtle Chex Mix Bars where a huge hit and will definitely be an item on our shopping list every once in a while. They are a true indulgence but less than 150 calories per bar.

While I am on the subject of snacks. I love Trader Joes just for this reason. I decided I wanted some healthy snacks the other day so we made a trip to Trader Joe's. They have a lot of healthy choices for great prices. My favorite lately has been a box of Ginger Flavored Cat Cookies for people. They are yummy with a glass of milk to drink. I also discovered that they have granola bars that taste very close to the Nature Valley Sweet and Salty Bars. Ry likes what he call Bean's snack, white cheddar puffed corn. They look like the styrofoam thingies that are used as packing material in fragile packages. Thankfully they don't taste like them though.


  1. Haha! They do look like packing peanuts.

  2. Trader Joe's also has REALLY good Kettle Corn. Chris and I can't control ourselves with it. We have been known to finish an entire bag (it's big) in one sitting. That stuff never lasts more than 2 days in our house. I highly recommend it!


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