I have been very consumed with life in general this week. This is what I have been doing.

I spent 3 days doing laundry, clothes and all linens in our house. I finally finished it all last night and T did not feel like I should be done, so he wet his bed so that I could have more laundry.

Trying to work my lia sophia business, booking in person shows and catalog ones.

Scheduling airline tickets back to Texas for Christmas. (YAY!!!!!!!) Trying to not get too excited too soon.

Meeting over lunch with a lady about a new non for profit organization called Teen Mom's Friends Club. Very interested and excited about this. Praying about my role in the group. Feeling like it is to involve Mentoring. Helping young moms and single moms form positive relationships.

Preparing for 3 lia sophia shows this weekend.

Preparing for a Camp Activity on Saturday and meeting on Sunday.

Etc. Etc. Etc..............


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