I Love Holidays

I love holidays!!! The title of my blog was inspired mostly by these days because even in the midst of all the chaos of 13 and 1/2 people or more sitting around one dining room table, the blessings of an incredible family are truly evident.

I love and even look forward to the chaos of trying to spend enough time with everyone we love.

I love the food.

I love the conversations.

I even love the minor squabbles that make us a family.

I love sharing all this with our kids and knowing that one day the traditions we have taught them, will be mixed with their spouses and carried forward. I also look forward to the distant future when our family will continue to grow.

I love the quiet when it is all over and then start looking forward to the next.

Anyways, HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!! We can't wait to spend the next holiday in Texas. YAY!!!


  1. All the reasons I love the holidays.

    Happy Thanksgiving!


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