Fun Indulgences

2 of my friends(Amy and Jen) are doing giveaways on the blogs. Check them out. Both have to do with something that we indulge in so it got me thinking.

I have been having a rather tough week with T. He has not been feeling like himself. Right now the doctor is diagnosing him with Lyme's disease even though the actual lymes test came back negative but another blood test that tests the swelling in joints came back positive. When T is not feeling well or is in pain, he tends to respond in irrationality because he does not know how to express what is wrong. Therefore there has been no reasoning with him the last few days not to mention we have been cooped up in the house pretty much so yesterday my mom was off and I was overwhelmed with kids and house cleaning etc.... So mom and I decided to go to lunch. Here comes the indulgence....

I was thinking about where to go and we always go to kid friendly places like McDonald's and Chick Fil A and I wanted to indulge myself so I thought of CheeseCake Factory. I thought I can motivate good behavior with cheesecake for dessert. The food was fabulous as usual and it was defnitely an indulgence. We had the appetizer sampler and a piece of cheesecake. But as far as behavior from T, that is another story. In the end, the lesson learned was that an indulgence is much better enjoyed without a cranky toddler at your side.


  1. I'm SO SORRY!!! I'm sure the aliens will leave him as soon as the antibiotics start working :)

  2. That's an absolutely adorable picture. :)

    I say next time we leave the toddlers (cranky and uncranky) with Shaun and go to Cheesecake Factory on our own :)

  3. I'm sorry he's not feeling well, but he doesn't look a bit cranky to me in that picture. Love y'all, Julie


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