T and His Unique Words

So, we were in Target shopping and T hollars, "Hey daddy, look there's a red pop out."

Try to guess what he was walking by????? (post your comments and I will post the answer another day)

The only clue is that we were in the clothing area.

Alright, you are all too smart because you all guessed correctly. It was a red bra and then a yellow one and so on and so forth. They do POP OUT, I guess.


  1. OK, I have know idea, but will guess a red bra.
    Can't wait for the answer.

    Oh, and I love the picture of T and his worm. Did he try to keep it as a pet?
    Love and miss y'all,

  2. I love the new layout/background! It looks great! I was also going to guess a bra...anxious to hear the rest of what I'm sure is a funny story!

  3. A red pop-out?! Sounds like something sketchy and underwear related.

    LOVE the new look!


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