The giggles of people passing me by

Our pastor mentioned last week at church that one of his favorite things to do is to people watch. I take this a step further.

One of my favorites is to go shopping or anywhere for that matter by myself and watch mothers and their children. It usually brings a giggle because at that point, I am thinking, "Man, am I so glad I don't have my kids with me at the moment, because they would be doing the same thing."

So yesterday, this happens to me. The little boys and I went shopping in the strip center close to our house. We walked from store to store because it was nice outside. Towards the end of our escapade, we are walking from Target to Safeway and T decides to start making this gagging sound as loud as he could. (laughing while he does it) Hence the title, giggles of everyone passing by. One lady that was giggling actually stopped and said, "I have boys." Which translates as, "I completely understand and feel for you."

When Mik was around 2 years old, one of our favorite places to eat and hers was a Japanese Steak House. This one particular trip, she was horrible, refusing to sit in her high chair. Yelling, screaming, all the stuff toddlers do in a restaurant when they are bored and hungry. Me, being the new mom and paranoid of what others might think am completely getting flustered. I pick her up and take her to the front of the restaurant by the fountain to calm her down. As I did that, a very wise older gentleman that was sitting across from us, tapped me on the shoulder and said, "Relax. Go sit down and eat. Those of us that have children, understand, and those who don't, never will, so go sit down and quit worrying." I don't think that the gentleman knew what a lasting impact that comment would have on me, but WOW, it changed my whole perspective. Kids are kids, and are not perfect and neither will they act it. So correct them and teach them but be patient with them. Also be understanding of other parents and never judge but let the situation remind you to giggle the next time it happens to you.


  1. Michelle, I must say, I miss you and your crazy bunch. :-) The pumpkin pictures are great!


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