Monkeys at the Playground

A picture of all the monkeys at the playground. And monkeys they all are. They all have so much energy that I wish I could siphon just half of it for myself. If they are not climbing all over the equipment at the playground, they are flipping around the house, jumping on furniture, or off the stairs.

We watched Extreme Home Makeover last night (Jackson Family) and WOW, it was awesome. Go check out the home and the story.
These are the things I loved about the home:
1. the openness of the main floor - the kitchen, dining room, living room were basically all one big area.
2. the monkey bars in the little boys room (your not going to keep them from climbing so why not make it safe and easy)
3. The little girls talent show room.


  1. I LOVED that episode last night-so sad but also so cool to see them help a family right here in Maryland. I agree that monkey bars in a kids room would be great!

  2. Um, can I have monkey bars in our living room? Hey, Amy has a swing her main level... why not?


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