Just a little story

Well tonight I put the boys in bed and well they decided to get up and go potty. Tucker only had his shirt on when I got upstairs so I told him to get dressed.
He told me that he could not because his pants were wet.
I then asked, "Why are they wet???"

He then preceded to tell me, "When I was at Hershey Park (on Sunday), I went down a big ride and I got all wet."

Granted I have changed and bathed my children several times since then so it is amazing to me that they are still wet.

So then, I had to ask again. This time he responded, "Maybe..............I pottyed in them?"
So we then got a spanking for lying and pottying in our pants and he smarted back at me, "That didn't hurt!!!" I was about to swat him again and he decided, "Mommy that one did hurt, it did."

All and all he got dressed and back in bed and everything was great. We did have a little talk about what a lie was, though.

By the way, one of his other excuses for why his pants have been wet was that Ry pottyed in them. T is so creative and trust me it is so hard to keep a straight face when he says these things seriously and then grins from ear to ear afterwards.


  1. Who, WHO teaches them to lie?!? Does Satan come in and whisper in their ear at night. Why is it so hard to teach them to be good but they can be bad with ease?


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