I Love Fall

I love fall for many reasons. We are just reaching the beginning and are starting to feel the difference it brings, in the weather, in our schedules, and our nature surroundings.
I love being able to toss on jeans, a light weight hoodie, and some flip flops and walk outside and be totally comfortable with the temperature.
I love falling back into the routine and schedule that school and fall sports bring with it.
I love that my little boys are napping because that is their routine now that the big kids are back at school.
I love that all the kids go to bed at a decent time simply because it is dark outside.
I love being to play outside and not burn up or freeze.

As much as I complain about the schedule of football, I truly love going to the games and getting to see K doing something he loves and is good at.

I love settling back into the routine of the kids weekly bible studies.
Thank you God for everything amazing and glorious that you bring with each and every day of fall.


  1. I LOVE the darkness factor. I LOVE waking up at 6:30AM and the sun not shining in my face. I LOVE how easy it is to put kids to bed at 7:30PM and not have to convince them that it really is night time.

    YAY for Fall!!


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