God's creation through the eyes of a child

I have said several times since we moved here to Maryland that something about the place or maybe the change has really opened my eyes to the sheer beauty of God's creation. I think it is the beauty of the trees and streams and stuff. Moving here from somewhere that did not have a lot of those things, I think made me see it in the eyes of a child.

I love driving and watching the trees and the hills especially in the fall when the trees seem to hold every color imaginable.
I love watching my kids chase the lightning bugs when they are in our yard.
I love going to natural waterfalls, streams and rivers around here and just watching the water run. I love watching the kids play in the streams and look for crawdads (K), worms (T and Mik), and frogs (Ry).

The other day Mik was outside walking Angel and she came upon a big caterpillar and a baby one. Of course, she came and got her little brothers because they share her awe of little crawling creatures. All 3 of them were totally enthralled with the caterpillar for a good 30 minutes. I had more fun watching their faces and seeing there amazement in something that seems so simple to us.

I hope that I can continue to see God's beauty through the eyes of a child. I also pray everyday that my kids continue to recognize the beauty of it all.


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