Friday Lunch Gang

Not too long after we moved here, we met some incredible people that have all become like family to us. We as a family have so many friends surrounding us that it is a true testimony to God's faithfulness in our move.

One of the groups of friends(including my sister in law) met at Qdoba to eat lunch every Friday. I quickly joined in on the routine and it became something that the boys and I really looked forward to. We all decided to take a break for a while because it got a little rowdy. (5 adults and 8 or 9 children under the age of 5) Well, we resumed our tradition today at a Qdoba now located closer to my house and it was FABULOUS. The kids were all incredible. The manager at Qdoba was amazing and very helpful. I give him a lot of credit because most managers would have looked at our crew and cried. He even offered to take pictures of our crew(not with my camera though).

So today I am back at this for 2 reasons: (BTW Amy thanks for not actually kicking me in person)
1. Thankfulness for good friends
2. Thankfulness for the few remaining places that offer incredible customer service and seem to teach it to their employees. (because all Qdoba's I have been to so far, have had great managers)


  1. Hey Michelle! I just realized you had a blog today :-) I'm totally with you on being thankful for our friends and for Qdoba not hating us! Hope to see you soon.


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