Doing Preschool Stuff at Home

I have decided because of the astronomical price of good preschools around this area and the fact that I am at home, that I am home pre-schooling my two youngest. Both of them are very social and we are involved with lots of playgroups and a church bible study that has a great kids program. They get the social aspect of preschool from those things. I am basically working on letters, numbers, shapes, and colors. We are doing a lot of reading and coloring. I found some game son the Fisher Price website the other day that I just love. They are simple and very preschool friendly. The kids think they are playing this great game and are learning at the same time. You should check it out.

Also, another thing I have learned is that just like with potty-training, if they are not ready, they are not going to retain what you are teaching. I tried this with Ry last year and he had no interest. This year, he is thriving and retaining lots of information. He can even write his name.

We are having lots of fun and I am enjoying the extra time I have with them, beacause next year Ry will start a full day of Kindergarten. There will be lots of tears on the first day and I will need lots of hugs and support from friends. Tucker will probably need a little encouragement too. I am enjoying every second I have though.


  1. Thanks for the link! Christopher is going to LOVE that phonics game.


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