Angel - our newest family member

This is Angel, our newest family member. Yes, I did reluctantly give in after a year and a half of begging from the kids. The kids and I saw her at the fair (after a car ride of them asking for a pet and me saying NO the whole time) and we all fell in love. The rescue shelter had her out there promoting adoptions. We walked away from her after petting her for a while and went to eat lunch. I texted Josh joking around saying that our kids wanted to adopt a Weimeramer. He responded by saying OK and the kids saw it before I did and of course they were jumping for joy. So after a few more texts back in forth with Josh, we went back to see her and put an application in on her (the first one that was put in). I was still not so sure though and I knew we still had to get approved by our landlord and the shelter because we don't have a fence. So I prayed about it and thought I will leave this up to God. Well what do you know, everyone said yes and we got to bring her home. She has truly been nothing but a joy (minus the occasional trying to eat off the table, counter, or kids hands). The kids and I had a long talk about her being their responsiblility and that they would have to walk her, feed her, and clean up after her and so far, a month later they are still doing a great job. I do think that having a pet is a true lesson in responsiblity for our kids. So the lesson I learned is never say never.


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