Trying again to do this whole blogging thing.

I really want to start this blog because there are so many things that go on in our daily lives that I want to be able to share with those around me near and far. Also, I have heard that it can be really rewarding. I have tried before and given up because of time. I am hoping that this will be an easier site although right now it is being difficult. Computers can be so frustrating sometimes.

My 2 oldest kids, K and Mik, went back to school today and that left me feeling a little less chaotic although I truly missed them. The day went by really fast much to my amazement. The two little boys and I started off the day by taking Mik to school (since I got the sad puppy dog eyes), then we were off to Target with our new friends Max and Blaze (Thank you meme for the new elephant and horse, they never leave our side). Ry and T like to ride in the big basket that holds 2 kids in the front. Lets just say it is not my favorite at all. It does not turn worth a darn, the straps that are supposed to hold the kids in, don't work on my kids anymore, and T thinks it is so much fun to climb all over the cart while I am pushing it through the aisles. He really enjoys climbing to the very top of the basket at the checkout line while everyone is watching. I know that the teenage checkout people are thinking man that lady needs to control her kids while they are laughing at T's dimples and grins because he knows he is driving me batty. Overall the trip was pretty uneventful. The boys are really pretty good shoppers.

After Target, we went home and played for a while before heading to the park with Angel. I have truly enjoyed watching the 2 little boys become so close over the past few days. The bond that they share is truly amazing. T will not do anything without Ry and Ry is so good to take care of his little bro. After the park, we came home to rest which turned into me hollering at them to be quiet and rest for about an hour. I promised them a puppet craft if they would cooperate and lets just say when they asked to get up the last time and I said not if you want to make a puppet. T hollers, "I don't want to, Can I get up now?" We then meet K at the bus stop and spend the next 30 minutes signing papers. The it was time for Mik to get home and well I told her the wrong bus number so when all the neighbors got home and she didn't I started worrying. But she had listened to me and got on the wrong bus which is really no big deal since it dropped off on the opposite side of the street. (That's the perk of living on a busy street, the bus picks you up in front of your house.) Mik made it home and I signed all her papers. We then spent the rest of the evening relaxing and playing. No football!!!! It was fabulous to settle back into a routine. As much as I love summer, I truly enjoy the structure of the school year.


  1. YAY! Good for you, I'm glad you're back :)

    It'll start becoming second nature to write on this thing.


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